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R.I.P King of Pop
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"Best Film of 2008" In My Opinion!

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"Best Film Of 2009" In My Opinion!

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"Best Film of 2010" In My Opinion!

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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Professional Photo Shoot for Acting Headshots

I had some fresh head-shots taken of me for submitting for roles in my acting profession and here they are:
Sorry for the long absence, but Have been busy and at times, truly, I did not feel the need to blog....

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Re-Living the Pure Magic of Love!

Words just CANNOT express how touched I was by seeing this movie & witnessing the love, chemistry, magic, and utter beauty all over again after all these years on a big motion screen again and esp. in IMAX 3D! I sincerely think that the IMAX screen was the ONE AND ONLY reason that this movie made me feel so unbelievably loved, cherished, and just so full of love. This is AND will ALWAYS be my most FAVORITE love story of all time! I shed a few tears at THE same exact parts I shed tears at when I watch it at home on DVD. I felt so overcome with emotion at the entire film and the music is what did it for me also. Celine Dion should have won BEST MUSIC PERFORMER/SOUNDTRACK on every level for her songs used in the film. The music combined with the love story of Jack & Rose made this film. If only everyone would be so lucky to find true love no matter what class you are like Jack and Rose, that would be phenomenal. I am sure no one will rate and see this movie in such a capacity as I do right now and always. My favorite scene was at the end when Rose looked up at Lady Liberty and found the diamond in the coat. She was free-free of Cal, her controlling mother, free to be like the "heart of the ocean": free to swim until you find your destiny as Jack told her to do. She never let go of him no matter what she did in her life. These are concepts that anyone can grasp and hold onto if something is true and meaningful to you! For all the lives lost from the sinking, that was very sorrowful, but they will always be loved and cherished like the "hope diamond." If you have hope you will see them again, it is like the diamond-stay strong to your convictions and be true to yourself and you will never go wrong....

Friday, March 30, 2012

P.F. Chang's vs. Mirror Mirror Night

Tonight, I had dinner with two friends of mine-Theresa and George. We ate at PF Chang's China Bistro adn it was delicious. Afterwards, I went to the theater to see Mirror Mirror soslo. They were not interested in the film. I saw the 10pm showing and got out at Midnight-fairly decent hour. Lol! Roberts was NO pretty woman or Queen in the film! Lol! She played an average role. Truth be told, I think that Charlize Theron will be a better evil queen in "Snow White & the Huntsmen" in June. Roberts did not have the "evil look" to fit the evil role. The movie, I feel was very arty & entertaining-which is not bad, but it could have been better than what it was. Collins played the Snow White role to perfection-very believable & the 7 dwarfs were funny as well. The Prince played by Hamner was portrayed very well. The ending was perfect & how they showed Roberts & all what she had lost was genius! The imagery of it went hand in hand with that scene. A shocker was revealed in the end about Snow's father. In conclusion, the movie is suitable for all ages-it makes you re-live your fairy tale childhood...or well, it can bring out your "inner kid" I should say!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Advanced American Reunion with Giancarlo!

I had a pass to see this film and saw it with my boy, Giancarlo tonight! There have been so many American Pie films, reunions, weddings, bad camps, etc. that have deviated from the original saga that I cannot wrap my mind around it! This film was by far, the most best, sexual, erotic, cruelest comedy ever of them all! The introduction to the film was superb! The R.Kelly song was sheer perfection! I am so glad that I had the opportunity to see the Advance Screening of it instead of waiting until the release date. There were some hardcore sexual referenced in this film that I would not even rate as R, but instead I would rate it as X. American Pie always had that reputation of a movie centered around high school kids, the jokes they played on each other, but most importantly: the love and unconditional friendship for one another. All of the original characters and the phrases that they used brought me back all the way to the first movie. I love how they incorporated all of those elements in the reunion piece. To see all the original cast members back and for a real reunion was simply genius! There were some shocks & some funny parts that made me gasp because I was so speechless but seeing American Reunion made me relive when I watched all of the films when I was younger and I relived my American Pie days with all of them through this film! It was spectacular and stay for the ending credits-it will rock your world -LITERALLY! :)

Saturday, March 17, 2012

An On-Set Magical Experience! Trust Me!

Ok, so for the past two weeks straight, I have been filming "Now You See Me" and I have had the chance to be up close and personal with Isla Fisher, Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, and Dave Franco. Also, the Director form Paris, France Louis Leterrier. I have had close encounters with all of them and I have got to share it with you-ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO because these moments are so special to me!

The Director Louis & I: Mr. Louie is the best Director that I have ever had the opportunity to work with/for. He has a great sense of humor, he jokes with everyone, he just makes you feel so special and respected! The man is the greatest human being I ever had the pleasure of filming for. He is sensational! He asks me how I am doing between takes, he jokes with me, is always glad to see me, got his autograph, he bought all the background actors ice cream.the man is AWESOME!

Woody Harrelson & I: Woody loves me a lot because every time he sees me on set he comes right up to me and asks me to tell him a joke. He laughs so hard at any joke I tell him. He points me out and comes directly to me. He even gave me a high five while we were filming and that was not a part of the script. I love Woody!

Jesse Eisenberg & I: On set last week, Jesse and Dave Franco were coming from back stage and Jesse saw me and he said,"hey good to see you again, ur back huh? I'm glad and embraced me with a hug and a handshake and Dave did the same too!

Dave Franco & I: Davey and I have had so many encounters it is not even funny! We wave and point to each other, he winks at me, we clown around, he is such a cool lil guy. I told him that I saw 21 Jump Street weeks ago at a free advanced screening and he was like a lil kid asking me what did I think of it over and over again and anytime I mention it, he does the same thing, what did ur friends think of it? He is saying, ah that is good man, thanks man, thanks man, that means a lot 2 me. Dave and I took a picture together and he was like, is that picture good enough for you, is it good the way you want it, I wanna make sure you like it! How awesome and kind huh? Out of all the 4 main actors, I love them all equally because after what I have just wrote, how can I have my very best?

Isla Fisher & I: Isla is 1 in a million. Just yesterday, Mar. 16th, Isla was heading back to set and she was doing something on her cell phone when I said, "Isla," and she came over to me and just smiled so big and wide and hugged me and she said that she loved me and my personality and she was glad that I was on this set and she is always looking for me and waving to me because seeing me gives her the motivation to to do well up there! This moment between the two of us, I felt so grounded that I could not movie. I mean, this ACTRESS came up to me and just HUGGED me out of the blue UNEXPECTEDLY and gave me a compliment that just took my breath away! I was so overcome with emotion, I did not know what to think. She did not do this with any OTHER PERSON for the past two week and look at the liking that she took to me. I was dumbfounded and I am not the type of person to be at a loss for words! I still cannot wrap my mind over these four amazing actors, esp. Isla! I feel so blessed and fortunate for this film and all the love that was generated to me from Jesse, Dave, Woody, the Director and esp. Isla!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Actions are Better than Words!

The movie had a good synopsis, but it did not reach its full potential. Any film that Eddie is in & is the lead/main character, it blows! Don't get me wrong-he is a very talented comedian, but he combines his comedy in his acting....acting alone-not his strong suit. This film was funny, but I did not laugh loudly or get a little excited. Things he did or said was, but his acting was very weak & I don't know-this film should not have been made. Kerry's performance was grand! Her smile & gestures won me over! She did great! This is a film that was okay & should go straight to DVD. There were not a lot of previews for this film either if you think about it. This movie had a specific meaning: Learn from your words & allow ur actions do ur speaking for you! That's telling u something in less than a thousand words.....

Sunday, March 4, 2012

I'm Sorta Back.....or Am I?

I have been filming two completely different projects for the last four days and I have been wayyy super beyond exhaustion, but when I am acting, I do not feel as tired as if I am as soon as I sit in the car and is driven home or at home in my own bed! I have been filming one film, Now You See Me with Isla Fisher, Dave Franco, Woody Harrelson, and Jesse Eisenberg and the other called the Hot Flashes with Daryl Hannah, Virginia Madsen, Eric Roberts, Brooke Shields, and Wanda Sykes. Both have a great cast and both will be great and fun movies to watch on the big screen!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

She Is Gone! It's A Race to FIND Her!!!

Awful film! Think I just found my first HORRIBLE film of 2012! Gone should be gone like a hurricane, it needs to move rapidly out of town & NOT on DVD or bootleg, either! The only thing suspenseful in the entire movie was the suspense music-I figured everything out before it was over & knew who the abductor was after the diner scene! Seyfried cannot act worth a damn! She is not in high demand & is not a gorgeous chick, so how is she always getting roles is what I wanna know! Ha! Ha! The movie stills were more suspenseful than the movie itself! I was so upset!!! The plot was very original & predictable--no shocker there, but I still thought it would have kept my attention in some form/magnitude. I was starting to drift asleep & tossing in my seat-two signs I will rate a film as boring & tell people not to see it if it was FREE! My warning: Stay away from gone-Keep going to something better!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Advanced Screening of "21 Jump Street!"

Tatum & Hill were absolutely hilarious in this film! They captured the screen together! I mean I was laughing my butt off-seriously! When Hill made jokes or a looks it made me laugh! Every scene that I saw was better & better! I highly suggest that everyone see this film if they want to laugh uncontrollably! There was a ton of obscene language in it and a ton of sexual references and strong R-rated characteristics, but this film is really very good! I cannot stop saying it. I was fortunate enough to be able to see it! There is nothing more than I can say about it besides the face that it was perfect! Phenomenal! I cannot rate it anymore, literally. It was just that damn good! Period! You will laugh form start to finish!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Have You Done Your Good Deed Today?

Wesley did a "good" deed and not DEEDS-first of all! The storyline to this film was very heart-felt and realistic and in today's society, this film came out at the right time! It exhibited how people go through rough patches and how there really are loyal people who want to help and expect NOTHING in return-absolutely nothing! I loved any scene with Brian White! The film as a whole was average, I cannot say that this film was spectacular, because it was not. When I rate film, I rate them honestly and with my opinion. It was good, but, very ordinary. I was not feeling this film as I expected to. His acting was very over the top and dramatic! Rashad was not seen a whole lot throughout the film, and I was sad about that and Gabrielle Union was looking very sensational and gorgeous! There were a lot of funny scenes to me-the scenes where Ariel made all the facial expressions when they went to grab a bite to eat with Wesley was simply too precious! All the little jokes that Lindsey made towards Wesley were humorous too! The film as a whole teaches a very very crucial lesson and that is this: You only have one life to live and you should live it the way that YOU want and not at how someone else wants you to live it-do what makes YOU happy and not not what others want YOU to do so THEY can be happy!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Lundi Gras '12 w/Mariska, Hilary, & Harry!

Actress Mariska Hargitay

Actress Hilary Swank

The Float They Were On!

I had the great pleasure to be at the Orpheus Parade on Lundi Gras, which was on Monday, Feb. 20th and I got to meet Mariska hargitay from Law and Order: Special Victims Unit; Harry Connick, Jr. who is on SVU and is a Louisiana Native/musician, and Actress Hilary Swank. Hilary Swank just singled me out of the entire swarm of people and blew kisses at me and said thank you when I told her I loved her in New Year's' Eve! HILARY SHOWED SINCERE LOVE AND COMPASSION. I WOULD HAVE LOVED TO TALK TO HER AND GET A PICTURE! She was truly a great person! After they left, so did I. They were the only reason I was at the parade and I caught them as they were loading on! :)

Friday, February 17, 2012

Alright Now!! THIS MEANS WAR!! Lol!

The reviews have been NEGATIVE for this film, but my review is POSITIVE! It was so good, I'm in awe at what to say. There was "funny romance" & "comedy" in the movie. Lol! Any scene that Handler was in was funny! The way the film ended was funny! The tricks that both CIA Agents played on each other were funny! The movie was very funny but in a cute sort of a way. It is a film for couples, singles, etc. It just has that kind of effect on people esp. me. It is a movie suitable for anyone! I loved watching it from start to finish! Definitely going to be buying it on DVD when it is released. I think that guys will like the film simply because of the two male actors & what they did in the film & ladies will like it because of Reese's character. The movie as a whole was delightful, funny, action, & very sweet! A must see!!! Go! Go! Go to war!! Lol!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Screening of Ghost Rider II: A Repeat of Part 1 or Something A Bit Better?

FIRST, do NOT see it in 3D! There are NO 3D effects at all! I watched this film in 2D on a 3D screen with glasses! I repeat, stay AWAY from 3D because NOTHING is in that format! This sequel was a bit better than the first I have to admit! It was more a a comedy/superhero film rather than an action/suspense thriller! All of the cast members were joking around frequently or doing something that would get a reaction from the audience. Cage really made me laugh in the parts where he laughed in people's faces. You just have to see it for yourself! Glad I saw a screening of this film because I had NO intention to see the sequel whatsoever because the first one was horribly awful! I was shocked when I saw this was in the making! But, I was surprised, it was average & mildly enjoyable, but very much comical-trust me!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Open Casting Call for the Tom Cruise Poject!

Today there was an open casting call for background actors for the upcoming Tom Cruise movie called, Oblivion. The Casting Director whom was leading the casting was telling people about how to pose when we were getting our picture taken. This will be a very sad and depressing film so she wanted a very sad and depressed look on our faces, but zeroing in on our eyes because the eyes tell everything. She was really very sincere and is really a people person because she was asking for kisses and hugs! Lol! I will not find out if I got the part for like a few weeks, if I do get a phone call, that would be awesome, and if not, I do not get discouraged. I keep on keeping on!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Zach, Lisa, Oliver, and Kate Visits NOLA!

My good friends visited me on today and we had a very interesting day together! Lol! Their kids are very vibrant and so full of life, but need to settle down a bit, but I now do believe that rumor about Terrible Two's! Sooo totally believe it now and Oliver is two and Kate just tuned 1 last week, actually. It really amazes me at how Oliver's vocabulary has grown. Kids say that coolest things ever and how he pronounces words is really AWESOME to say the least! He was talking about Star Wars, McDonald's, etc. everything just going on and on. While we were at the parade tonight, Oliver loves and adores Elmo. So we got to the parade just as he passed, so I was running with Oliver to try to catch the float on the other side of the street and Oliver was saying, "Wait Elmo, Waaaaiiit!" It was so adorable! We eventually caught up to him though. The weather was so cold that we had to cut the night short at the parade and then we went to set some hot chocolate at McDonald's, but the kids had fallen asleep and we all were pretty grateful for that because they were active all day! Lol! We then drove to the airport and we saw one plane land right over our heads as we were talking and joking rather loudly! Lol! We then preceded to go see Sandra Bullock's home but there was a parade passing on St. Charles Av. and we could not go, so then we headed back and they dropped me off at home and we said our goodbyes. They arrived at my house at like 3:35ish and I had my bedroom all set up with blue lights and a motion lamp with the lights all off and the music to Twilight playing, so as they entered, they could watch it because Zach had never seen Breaking Dawn-Part One before. They loved the set up. I was cooking my Chinese dish for them as they watched. They both loved it and said that it was better than Cane's and Chang's! What a compliment huh? And that is how we spent our time together! It was really great to see them again after 3 years! :)